MPW.68 / 2016 Patricia’s World by Joana Toro
Joana Toro New York, NY
Team Garrett

Story Summary

Patricia Nolting is a 58-year old woman who lives with her mother. Her world is like that of a 10-year old child according to doctors. Her mother, Emma, 77, cares and watches over her child who had breast cancer twice, and whose own health is fragile.

The two women support each other. Patricia lifts heavy things as they clean house together. Emma prepares all the meals including Patricia’s favorite foods like waffles and biscuits and gravy.

The two are constant companions driving to church, to yard sales and shopping around Cuba.

The only time Patricia goes out alone is when she walks their dog Riley twice a day. She doesn’t go far from their home and she is fearful of cars on the road.

Her world is mostly spent inside their home as she watches Western movies on television and arranges her make-believe friends—dolls and stuffed animals—that she collects and protects.