Photo By Kirsten Jennifer Luce / MPW.57

Ashley Mabrey, 12, is always in the center of things. She lives in a house converted from a triplex, with her Mom Tiffany, her step-dad Mike, her half- brother Taylor, 6, her half- brother Mikey, 4, and Mike's 14-year old son stays over for days at a time. After school, her close friends Lindsey McLanahan, 12, and Courtney Dykes, 11, hang out for a while, always reluctant to return to their quiet homes.

Amid the clutter and chaos of this extended family, the priorities remain clear: homework comes first. Love, affection and witty banter are omnipresent. Ashley, in the middle of this scene, is a promising student with a dry sarcasm that keeps everyone coming back for more. This is her world.