Photo By Carolin Burrer / MPW.57

Steven Cook is a most unusual looking soccer coach with his 'ZZ Top' beard and cowboy hat. His appearance can be traced to early intolerance by the principal of his school. When Steve was in high school his principal kept a shaver in the desk to shave everyone who hadn't. This drove Steve so mad that the last time he ever shaved was two hours before his high school graduation. He has worn his cowboy hat as long as he can remember.

Steve is also a dedicated father and loving husband. He and his wife Patrice married in April, 1988, after the meeting at his cousin's wedding in May 1987. Patrice was the maid of honor and Steve was the usher in the church. Patrice and Steve Cook have three sons, George, Charles and Steven Jr. George is named after Patrice's father and Charles is named after Steve's father. Steven Jr. is obviously named after Steven himself.

Steve has been drawn to soccer ever since his twin sons took up the sport in 1994. He became a member of the Board of Directors of the Youth Soccer League. He started coaching in 1996, because there was no one else to do the job. As a devoted father Steve supports his sons interest in soccer in everyway that he can.

Steve has worked at Kays Engineering for almost 17 years, where he is a department manager. He likes his job and is happy that he can support his family. His family means the world to him and their home reflects their love for each other.