MPW.7 / 1955
C. Richard King Charles Henry Harbutt, Jr. Dick Gilman Dorothy Koch Pierce Frank H. Pope George Ralph Scott Harry Schaefer J. L. Tripp Jack E. Jacobsen James Lawrence Grant Lillian M. Byrum Michael B. Lien Mrs. James L. Grant Otha C. Spencer Patrick Cannon R. W. Vance Ralph D. Olive Robert B. Thomas Robert S. "Pat" Patton Sylvia Albright Thomas J. Abercrombie Werner J. Severin
Commerce, Texas Milwaukee, Wis. Columbia, Mo. Columbia, Mo. South Carrollton, Ky. Gary, Ind. Vienna, W.Va. Keosauqua, Iowa Anthony, Kan. Minneapolis, Minn. Commerce, Texas Madison, Wis. Minneapolis, Minn. Columbia, Mo. Milwaukee, Wis. Commerce, Texas Chicago, Ill. Kirkwood, Mo. Columbia, Mo. Coffeyville, Kan. Milwaukee, Wis. Columbia, Mo.
East Texas State College Marquette University University of Missouri University of Missouri Kentucky Utilities Company Gary Post-Tribune

The Anthony Republican
East Texas State College University of Wisconsin
University of Missouri The Milwaukee Journal East Texas State College The Publisher's Auxiliary St. Louis Photo University of Missouri The Coffeyville Journal The Milwaukee Journal University of Missouri
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Workshop Details
Workshop: MPW.7 Location: Rolla, Mo. Dates: May 8-15, 1955 Population: 9,354 (1950) Photographers: 22

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