MPW.4 / 1952
Jefferson City
Walter Allen Richard Arless Isadore Arnold Berger E. W. Bond Richard D. Bucher Mary Helen Burrowes Arthur Center Dean Conger Jacques DePina Verna Mae Edom David Gardner Clyde "Red" Hare A. "Mickey" Heath Bill Hubbard Jim Kyle Glo Kyle Henry F. Larson Lucie Magee Bill Olcott Hal Power Jim Roberts Clarence P. Schmidt Russ Swenson Bill Tennell Raymond West
Chicago, Ill. Lacine, Canada Detroit, Mich. Columbia, Mo. Chicago, Ill. St. Joseph, Mo. San Diego, Calif. Denver, Colo. Bloomington, Ind. Columbia, Mo. Chicago, Ill. Bloomington, Ind. Pensacola, Fla. Kingfisher, Okla. Oklahoma City, Okla. Columbia, Mo. Milwaukee, Wis. Jackson, Miss. Ames, Iowa New York, N.Y. Aledo, Ill. Milwaukee, Wis. Bloomington, Ind. Bloomington, Ind. Jefferson City, Mo.
Co-Director Co-Director
Graflex, Inc. Freelance Freelance Freelance Missouri Department of Resources Chicago Institute of Design Indiana University

Workshop Details
Workshop: MPW.4 Location: Jefferson City, Mo. Dates: May 11-18, 1952 Population: 25,099 (1950)

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