MPW.2 / 1950
Ruth Chin David G. Gardner Clyde "Red" Hare Louie Hendricks Clyde Hostetter Betty Love Peter Marcus Tony Martinez Angus McDougall Jaya Patel Donald C. Peterson Hal Power Johnny Salis Chas H. Shaw Howard Sochurek Otha C. Spencer
Muncie, Ind. Chicago, Ill. Bloomington, Ind. El Paso, Texas Topeka, Kan. Springfield, Mo. Minneapolis, Minn. Dallas, Texas Milwaukee, Wis. Bombay, India Bowling Green, Ohio New York, N.Y. Chicago, Ill. Columbia, Mo. Milwaukee, Wis. Commerce, Texas
Co-Director Co-Director
U.S. Department of State Graflex, Inc. Missouri School of Journalism Freelance The Milwaukee Journal Freelance The Des Moines Register-Tribune

Workshop Details
Workshop: MPW.2 Location: Forsyth, Mo. Dates: May 20-27, 1950 Population: 354

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