MPW.72 / 2020 The Heart of the Family by Srini Venkateswaran
Srini Venkateswaran
Team Lee

Story Summary

Amalia Velázquez (“Aya” to everyone) immigrated to New York in 1994 from the Dominican Republic. Warm and caring underneath a tough exterior, she weathers the pandemic by staying home to care for her grandchildren.

Amalia stays active throughout her day. She loves her morning walks, going to the Dominican market to shop for groceries, and cooking and caring for the grandchildren and her family. She binds the family together.

With school going online for the most part during the pandemic, her presence has been all the more critical as the parents are often away from home, working from their office. But they can rest assured that their little ones are in safe hands and under the watchful eyes of their loving Aya.