MPW.71 / 2019 Beauty is Everywhere by Danielle Da Silva
Danielle Da Silva Toronto, Canada
Team Cox

Story Summary

Holly Hughes, 65, and her husband Charles Stegner, 79, know they’re different.

“We’re dyslexic and backwards and don’t know much about technology...we sometimes get lost in this world,” says Holly. This couple is no ordinary couple, gravitating to art and nature to carve their own unique path in the world.

“Our lifelong obstacles are also our gifts; they’ve led us to creativity and how we see the world,” Holly said. From transforming dog food bags into reusable totes, to making educational art about the planet, Holly makes use of whatever waste they accumulate. From mixed-medium abstract paintings, to vibrant life drawings, Charles can be found grooving to Janis Joplin, brush in hand. When the couple is not creating art, they take meditative walks on their 40-acre, forested property and visit the neighbors for some homemade goat milk, soap or manure.

“We live in flyover country,” Charles said. “People on the East and West coast don’t see beauty here, but we do. Beauty is everywhere.” As he walks through the forest on an early-morning walk, Charles stops to talk to the trees.

“I love you; thank you for being here,” he whispers.