MPW.70 / 2018 Faith is His Road to Recovery by Stephen Speranza
Stephen Speranza Long Valley, N.J.
Team Chapnick

Story Summary

Friends describe the previous existence of two different Ken ‘Bud’ Polm’s, ‘Upstairs Bud’ and ‘Downstairs Bud’. ‘Downstairs Bud’, hidden from his wife in their basement, was producing, using and selling meth until his arrest in November 2017. After years of addiction, abusing his wife, and an attempted suicide, he vowed “the rest of his days to God”.

Since his release from jail eight months ago, Ken now works throughout his community providing support and guidance to those struggling. Praying his way through each day, Ken drives from meeting to meeting, taking phone calls, participating in recovery groups, and occasionally providing goods for those in need.

Grateful for his wife, sobriety and God, Ken Polm hopes to save his community.