MPW.70 / 2018 Farmer by Day, Dancer by Night by Madison Simmons
Madison Simmons Georgetown, Texas
Team Gilka

Story Summary

When not tromping through the 640 acres of Cloverhill Dairy Farm, Nathaniel Carter, 33, is gliding across the dance floor at a local ballet studio. His love of ballet took Carter, a midwestern kid raised on two-stepping, by surprise. He tried it on a whim three years ago and hasn’t stopped since.

“Here and on the dance floor is where I find peace,” Carter said, overlooking one of the fields he and his father, Dale, own.They run 200 cows across their land and have recently switched to organic production, which fetches a higher price. This has allowed them to keep going during a trying time for area dairy farmers, Carter said. Hours fill with mowing, fixing tractors, moving cows — the choreography of a farm. Carter takes as much pride in tending the land as he does in learning routines at the ballet studio alongside his wife, Chalaé.