MPW.69 / 2017 Debora and Cole by Cinthya Santos-Briones
Cinthya Santos-Briones New York, N.Y.
Team Chapnick

Story Summary

Both abandoned by their mothers at a young age, Debora and Cole cling to each other in the flat lands of the Midwest.

Debora is a Mexican American who came to Eldon with her father and siblings. Ninety six percent of the population is white and 81% of Eldon voted for Trump.

Debora Gaona met Cole Williams Abbott, a young American rancher, barber, and professional auctioneer, who, like Debora, had to grow up fast and be responsible for himself at an early age.

From middle school to high school Debora was a cheerleader. After graduating high school Debora worked in Bailey's Ice Cream and enjoyed the company of the owners, Tanner and Bailey. Cole is Tanner’s best friend and she met Cole at the ice cream shop. Shortly thereafter they decided to live together in Cole's farmhouse, just outside Eldon.

Despite socio-cultural differences, Cole and Debora put a loving face on the anti-immigration debate raging in this country. Debora and Cole are accepted by their community and look at each other as equal partners.