MPW.69 / 2017 Denise’s Animal Haven by Cheney Orr
Cheney Orr Brooklyn, N.Y.
Team Gilka

Recipient of the Team Gilka Award
Story Summary

Denise Kern is an animal lover supreme. Her entire life is centered around her revolving door of 20 to 30 fostered pets. Denise volunteers for two no-kill shelters in the Eldon area and is a superstar amongst the local animal loving community. In addition to household animals, she has fostered an assortment of wildlife from fawns to coyotes pups, hedgehogs, chipmunks and many more. Vacations? Denise has not taken one in years. “And just who would take care of all the critters?” she exclaims. Allergic to many of her animals, including dogs, Denise finds the smell of puppy breath so addictive she thinks it should be bottled and sold.