MPW.69 / 2017 A Passion that Became a Family Business by Alberto Barba Pardal
Alberto Barba Pardal Zamora, Spain
Team Cox

Story Summary

Taxidermy is the art of immortalization, and in a state such as Missouri where hunting and fishing are popular pastimes, there are plenty of opportunities to practice this skill. Eric and Dawne Stacks started to develop their interest for taxidermy about twenty years ago because of a mutual passion for hunting. What was supposed to be just a hobby became a family business as the Stacks taught themselves the intricate work involved in taxidermy. Since then the Stacks work with enthusiasm on each animal they receive as an order, taking care with every little detail. Casey, the youngest of the Stacks’ sons, started to learn the art of taxidermy last year and now helps his parents to run the family business. The shop is thriving in Eldon, where at any given time they are working on several different animals. Stacks Taxidermy is not only a place where business is conducted, but where generations of family come together.