MPW.68 / 2016 Mending Motherly Love by Sofia Jaramillo
Sofia Jaramillo Yakima, Wa.
Team Chapnick

Story Summary

Five months ago, Raven Tackett had a restraining order against her mother, Latoya Pate. Financial struggles and mental illness complicated Latoya’s efforts as a mother when Raven was growing up. Raven spent 7 years in foster care. Now, at 25, she is raising two children of her own with her same sex partner, Trinka Boatright, 28.

At first, Latoya did not understand her daughter’s sexual preference. Now they have begun to rejoin one another’s lives. With the support of her new husband, Jared, Latoya spoils her grandkids to atone for her own mistakes as a mother.

“My mental capacity hindered me and I never had a mother, so I didn’t know how to be a mom,” said Latoya.

With the help of her partner, Trinka, Raven struggles to rebuild trust with her mom while creating a better life for her own kids.

Mother and daughter refuse to let their past define who they are today.