MPW.68 / 2016 Queen of Moon Dance Farm by Roland Reinstadler
Roland Reinstadler Passeier, Italy
Team Chapnick

Story Summary

In 2009, Jane Parres’ mother died in her arms. Her last words to Parres were, “Please take care of the farm.”

Jane closed her business in St. Louis and moved to Crawford County to manage the family farm. She inherited 126 acres with 17 cows and an old farmhouse. Jane now has grown the farm to 100 cows and a brood of chickens. She built a new energy efficient farmhouse and powers Moon Dance Farm completely with solar energy.

She sells her all-natural, grass fed Angus beef and free range eggs to three high-end restaurants and distributes through Bem General, a community supported agriculture and retailer.

In 1991, Jane had a car accident that left her in a wheelchair for 17 years. She was told, ‘‘you will never walk again!” Through strength and determination, she regained her mobility. Her slogan is “never, never, never give up.”