MPW.68 / 2016 Marvin and Wendy: For the love of the Children by Prasenjeet Yadav
Prasenjeet Yadav Nagpur, India
Team Gilka

Recipient of the Team Gilka Award
Story Summary

Marvin and Wendy Holland are a couple in their fifties. Marvin owns a trucking business and they live on a farm in the outskirts of Cuba, Mo. Together, Marvin and Wendy are parents to 16 children. Six are biological and ten are foster kids. Over the last 5 years, they have adopted six out of the ten foster kids and they are looking forward to adopting the rest of the four kids one day. Today, they live with nine of their foster kids.

When asked, they said, “It’s a shear joy to have these children around, they are the ones who makes our lives beautiful and content.” Wendy and Marvin’s story is an inspiration.