MPW.68 / 2016 A Duke and a Cowboy by Guillem Sartorio
Guillem Sartorio Barcelona, Spain
Team Gilka

Story Summary

Chris Spurgeon and Duke became best friends the first day they met, three years ago. Chris, 53, is a professional cowboy who has spent his entire life from rodeo to rodeo, travelling all over the country. He first rode a horse when he was 3-years-old and he usually writes cowboy poetry.

Duke is a three-year-old Quarter Horse stallion. “It’s the best horse I’ve ever rode,” Chris said. Beyond the regular animal-person relationship, there is a unique bound between Chris and Duke.

Last Friday, an unidentified person broke into Chris’ farm in the middle of the night and attacked Duke, causing him serious injuries. The horse has been fighting against pain and suffering for several days, and so has Chris. “If it comes to that, I’ll put him down with a bullet myself,” the old cowboy said.

After much praying, Chris found out that Duke might not be permanently injured. Chris will keep looking after his horse with the love of a father looking after his son, until the day they can ride together again.