MPW.68 / 2016 Building Moore Passion by Emma Marie Chiang
Emma Marie Chiang San Francisco, Calif.
Team Cliff & Vi

Story Summary

Lorian Moore, 55, walks her talk. As a pioneer in the small town of Leasburg, Mo. she unites communities to care about the earth, natural building and preserving the history of her town. Known as straw-bale people, Lorian and husband Rex Rohrer have been married for 28 years and together with friends they constructed their straw-bale home in 1994 from donated recycled material.

Dorian encourages others to live off the grid or grid-tie (connected to a utility company). "Being off the grid is the simple life, but it requires hard work," Lorian said. "It's freeing to be making your energy from the sun.” She is assisting her friend, Tracy Brennan, in the building process of her own off the grid home.

Twice a week she spends hours educating visitors of the earth’s wonders guiding tours at the Onandaga Caves State Park in Leasburg. In between her role as a wife and mom of two previously home-schooled children, Sage, 23, and Kai, 17, she works toward the revitalization of Leasburg with a population of 350. With the help of others she formed a non-profit in hopes to purchase vacant store fronts, organize events in the community and upgrade public facilities.

Lorian lives with passion for the earth, natural building, and love for all.