MPW.67 / 2015 Above and Beyond Colette by Lauren Kastner
Lauren Kastner St. Peters, Mo.
Team Chapnick

Story Summary

North of town on Highway 51 there's a yard where any animal is welcome. Colette Gremaud is the owner of ABC Kennel Boarding and Grooming for Pets. The third generation animal caretaker won't turn anyone away.

Her day is based on a schedule of "potty times," grooming sessions and lots of love for her canine guests. Sometimes they stay for a week, sometimes just a matter of hours. The animals may come and go, but they always appear first on Gremaud's list of priorities.

Her days are long and packed with animals for her to tend, still requests for her services fill her voicemail box. She can't help but wonder if she's running the business or if the business is running her. Within the flurry of fur, she struggles daily to find the equilibrium between self-care and care for the pets who call her home a temporary one.