MPW.66 / 2014 Staying Wild in Suburbia by Liss Fenwick
Liss Fenwick Brisbane, Australia
Team Lee

Recipient of the Team Lee Award
Story Summary

Robert Lee Sprague proudly flies the Confederate flag outside his rented duplex on the outskirts of Platte City. Robert is a loving family man, supporting his wife Alyx through her 9-5 job, and helping her daughter Kaylie after school. Named after Robert E. Lee, the Confederate General, he shares with his namesake a longing for independence and a defiance of unwanted authority—a world away from the ordered, standardised modern-day suburbia in which he lives. On Thursday nights he goes to the pub with the White Boys, a brotherhood which he founded on the values of loyalty, integrity and respect. Robert envisions that one day he’ll own a house among the county cornfields with his wife, children and Toby Keith, a Redbone Coonhound.