MPW.66 / 2014 The House on the Hill by Cheryl-Samantha Owen
Cheryl-Samantha Owen Kenya
Team Chapnick

Story Summary

Janet Renz lives a couple of miles from where she grew up. On a rise just South of town her family has watched the boom and bust that is the history of Platte City. Her home is her museum including many Western paintings, trophy animals, ornate saddles, a horseless carriage, and many books including the Life Styles of Educated Women.

A stately woman with impeccable taste she collects and wears jewelry and cowboy boots. Many, many cowboy boots. Her two sons are the fifth generation to walk their family farm. Snapshots of the boys decorate the file cabinets of her home office where she runs her real estate business. She is the matriarch of an old, established Platte City family with a passion for horses and cows.

A lady, single mother, businesswoman, and cowgirl at heart, she lives in the house on the hill.