MPW.66 / 2014 David, Liberated by Disability by Benjamin Petit
Benjamin Petit Bronx, New York
Team Chapnick

Recipient of the Team Chapnick Award
Story Summary

David Schriever has a Guardian Angel. Deby Lieurance has been looking after the developmentally disabled man for 6 years teaching him to cook and be autonomous; she manages his finances and transports him from one place to another.

Neat by nature David has been working for 13 years at Mc Donald’s cleaning tables and washing windows. He is a joyful person and is cherished by all who know him. He visits his mother, Mary Jane, weekly at the Hill View nursing home nearby. She is developmentally disabled as well and raised David with his grandmother.

David dances Zumba and plays golf where his romance with Nicole began four months ago.