MPW.66 / 2014 Platte City’s Cut Above by Alexey Furman
Alexey Furman Ukraine
Team Eppridge

Story Summary

Since 1960, Ron Pine, 72, has owned a barbershop in historic downtown Platte City, Missouri. He cut the hair of his father and brothers, and then enrolled in barber school at 17 because he was too young to take a full-time job. Today Ron Pine's Barber & Beauty is a big part of Platte City community life. People of all ages come in daily without appointments, bring their kids, and often recall the good old days. Ronnie quickly pivots from serious conversations to loud, sincere laughter.

"I have got one family that I have done haircuts for at least six generations. And the youngest ones in the sixth generation, those kids are in high school now. It's not impossible we won't hit seventh," Ron says. "It's not impossible."