MPW.65 / Trenton Life Within Reach by Whitney Light


Whitney Light Winnipeg, Canada
Team Lee

Story Summary

The last check Delores Hilt cashed from her job at KFC-Taco Bell bought $100 of groceries for her family of six. It was enough, she hoped, to last another week. Yet for Delores, the day-by-day struggle to provide is an uplifting change from what came before. Two years ago, Delores’ first partner died in a car accident. At the time, she was suffering from drug addiction, and their three boys were put in foster care, including Ryker, her newborn. Until last month, she saw them only a few hours a week. Now returned to her care and living under the same roof, their life has regained a certain normalcy. But the rent they owe for the $250-a-month house on West 13th Street is already seven months behind. Her new partner, Christopher Hilt, spent those months in prison. Released two weeks ago, Christopher is working part-time job at KFC, too. One works days and the other nights, and Delores keeps her family close for another day.