MPW.65 / Trenton The Brothers Ray: An Ingrained Tradition by Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott Edwards, Colorado
Team Mac

Story Summary

Philip Ray and his brother Matt, 37, have been running the farm near Trenton, Missouri since 2009. The farm has been in their family for five generations. The brothers work constantly to care for their elderly parents while also trying to raise families of their own. In order to ensure that their children may have a chance to farm the land when they retire, both Matt and Phillip have to work second jobs as EMTs in town to make ends meet. The three families live in separate houses on the farm.

Their key to success is the fact that they manage every aspect of the land and have a good attitude about it. As Phillip puts it, "For those Americans who refuse to give up, it takes two jobs. The world owes you a living but you have to be willing to go out and get it."