MPW.65 / Trenton Learning a Legacy by Roger Nomer
Roger Nomer Joplin, Missouri
Team Chapnick

Story Summary

Kidridge Griffin, 10, aspires to be fourth-generation farmer, continuing the legacy of his family's farm in Trenton, Mo. His father Ethan hopes Kidridge inherits his love for the land and animals, as Ethan did from his father. Although Kidridge's dedication to the farm have helped him mature, he still faces the unexpected challenges of childhood like the sudden hospitalization of his mother after a car accident. While Kidridge wants to follow his father's lead and become an independent farmer, he struggles with missing his mom, as any 10-year-old boy would.

From an early age, Kidridge knew he wanted to rope cattle and make his living off the land. Seeing his desire to maintain the family's heritage has made his father proud, inspiring him to incorporate Kidridge's name into the farm's brand. Even now, Kidridge has eyes on a parcel of land to expand the farm's future.

After his mother's recent accident, Kidridge is confronted by the fact that he's still a child. Without his mom's familiar presence at home, Kidridge finds that he still needs some of his childhood world.