MPW.65 / Trenton Gun Glory: Inside the Firearms Culture by Marie Hald
Marie Hald Copenhagen, Denmark
Team Gilka

Story Summary

Janet Taull and Vance Cox share a love for hunting and shooting and own the gun shop ”Triangle C Range” in Trenton. Two years ago the couple, who went to high school together,began dating and now live and work together. Trentonian natives, they bought land to stay in the area since they have many family members who live nearby.

They pack up their dogs to go to work and wait for customers and friends to stop by during the day. They hunt deer, raccoon, coyote, birds, ducks and mountain lions. Vance keeps his skills sharp by target practicing and shooting trap.

Their livelihood and passions are centered around the Second Amendment freedom and they are afraid of the law changing, and their right to bear arms being taken away.