MPW.65 / Trenton Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance by Katie Moore
Katie Moore Topeka, Kansas
Team Gilka

Story Summary

Leslie abruptly went from high to low - from "running around" to wearing county-issued "stripes" while confined in a shared cell in the Grundy County Jail. She was arrested and booked on Saturday, September 21 and charged with possession of a controlled substance, a class-C felony. Three days later she appeared in court for arraignment. She stated, "I know I have a drug problem and I'm ready to get help. I don't want to lose my son." Her one-year old son, Rowdy, is being cared for by her cousin Karina.

Inmates are woken up by guards at 6am for breakfast. To pass time during the day, Leslie and her cellmates "play cards, talk, cry." They discuss their cases, the past, the future, and their families. Once in awhile a song that resonates with the women plays on the radio such as Shinedown's 'Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance' and they will turn the volume up and sing along together.

Leslie awaits an October 17 court date where she will appear before a felony court judge, however she knows she will likely serve some time in state prison before regaining her freedom. Approximately 205,000 women are incarcerated in the US.