MPW.65 / Trenton A New Dairy Legacy by Joe Tierney
Joe Tierney Walla Walla, Washington
Team Chapnick

Story Summary

Clint Claycomb and his wife Shari moved to their farm near Spickard in 1999. Clint raised beef cows while working numerous jobs. A year after their son, Cade, was born, and after three years of Shari opposing the idea, the Claycombs started their own dairy farm. Working on the farm allows Clint to be his own boss and to take part in raising Cade, now seven. Even though he is a youngster, his help is needed in doing chores and keeping the farm running smoothly. And he's learning about all aspects of the dairy farming business.

The life of a dairy farmer rotates around the care of the herd. Everyday, at the same time, the cows have to be counted, milked and fed. Because Shari works and Cade goes to school in Trenton, the family spends time together doing farm chores. Rising feed costs, low milk costs, and drought conditions have challenged the family as they work together to achieve the American Dream.