MPW.65 / Trenton And God Made a Farmer by Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart Whitehorse, Canada
Team Chapnick

Story Summary

The McCloud family owns 1200 acres outside Trenton, Missouri. John McCloud, 60, his son-in-law Mike Farmer, 35, and his father Randell, 82, work those acres everyday.

Randell began working the land in 1955 with a loan from a country doctor. The family raises cattle, grows corn and beans, but they are renowned for their champion hogs. John, his wife, daughters, and granddaughters all won honors showing their pigs at state fairs. One sow sold for $100,000 and another pair of sows were flown to Japan.

Recent drought conditions have produced disappointing yields in the last two years. But after 58 years, the McClouds take it all in stride.