MPW.65 / Trenton The Nicest Lady in Town by Hany Hawasly
Hany Hawasly Damascus, Syria
Team Mac

Story Summary

Lovie Johnson, 93, was raised in Trenton, Missouri and has lived there for most of her life. Since she lost her husband to lung cancer in 1979, she has dedicated her life to her family and community. Even after having a heart surgery in May 2013, Lovie still enjoys a healthy, independent and active lifestyle. In addition to rehabilitation sessions, she volunteers with the Church Women United Thrift Store three times a week, attends church on Sundays and reads books, lots of books. She considers herself lucky to work in the book section of the thrift store where she can buy all the books she likes. Being the happy little woman she is, everyone in Trenton calls her the nicest lady in town.