MPW.65 / Trenton Kyle Roderick: What is a Man? by Taylor Glascock


Taylor Glascock Chicago, Illinois
Team Mac

Story Summary

17-year-old Kyle Roderick nearly dropped out of high school with the loss of his father in 2008 and his grandmother in 2005. He said he was partying and shirking responsibility after their deaths. “I was the kid lighting fireworks at recess,” Roderick said. By the time he reached his senior year, Roderick had as many credits as a freshman. Recently, he has taken steps to set his life straight.

Roderick currently lives in a crowded home with his mother, her boyfriend, one younger brother, and his sister’s children. He works at two jobs, one at McDonald’s and one building houses with his mother’s boyfriend, in addition to attending class at the Trenton Success Center. ”I feel like I’ve raised myself, really. I’m only home to sleep.” Roderick said.

Roderick dreams of leaving home, marrying his long-term girlfriend and moving into a place of his own.