MPW.65 / Trenton Mack and Woodard’s Century of Harvest by Edwin Torres
Edwin Torres New York, New York
Team Gilka

Story Summary

The Mack and Woodard families have been farming this land south of Trenton Missouri for five generations. Founded in 1876, the farm today grows corn, soybeans, and cattle.

It is a family business, Don and Letha Woodard, ages 90 and 89 have spent their lives raising a family on this land. His son Mack, 63, and his brother Eric, 60, and his son, Carl, 30 keep the farm going. These people are humble, kind, and they work hard.

“We don’t like to talk about numbers in our farm. Everyday we are grateful for our land and what we have. Our Neighbors are both our friends and competitors” Mack said when asked about the success of the farm.