MPW.65 / Trenton For the Love of Ag by David Irwin
David Irwin San Antonio, Texas
Team Cliff & Vi

Story Summary

Emily Schmidt, 23 and the youngest of three daughters, left Trenton, MO like many other rural kids out of high school to pursue a college degree. Unlike many others who leave the small town, she returned. With a bachelor's in agricultural science Emily has hopes of running the family dairy farm started by her grandfather. Her father Larry, the second generation on the farm, is glad for the prospect of keeping the farm operating in the family as retirment approaches.

Emily, who works at a greenhouse by day, shares this love of agriculture along with a love of family as they carry out the business of dairying. Often accompanying her for evening milking operations are her boyfrieand and local teacher Andy Hight, and her roommate Tawnya Hardy who also came from a farming family and attends the local college in Trenton.