MPW.65 / Trenton A Pure Heart by Benjamin Dunn
Benjamin Dunn Nashville, North Carolina
Team Gilka

Story Summary

Dalton Trask, 21, who’s world revolves around Nascar, trading cards, volunteering at the local senior center and classic television shows was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Despite the challenges, Dalton has been able to thrive with the love and support of his parents, Joyce and Casey, and younger sister, Angela, as well as the community.

Dalton’s parents had almost no knowledge of autism and what to expect. Then came the daily struggles and asking God, “Why him? Why us?” The questions then led to a realization that Dalton was given to them for a reason, and they began to embrace his differences and seeing the world in a different light. Dalton shows them a world without malice and preconceived judgments. His pure heart and open personality make it easy for people to care for him.