MPW.64 / Troy Upstairs, Downstairs by Elie Gardner
Elie Gardner Lima, Peru
Team Cliff

Story Summary

About four years ago Dr. Scott Falls started a veterinary clinic in the basement of his country home. A year later the practice outgrew the space so the Falls added 1200 square feet onto the house. Falls employs his wife, two vet techs and an intern. Together they serve 5000 dogs and cats. Two of his patients – Hoyt and Browning – live upstairs. Others come from as far away as Illinois. He thinks of himself as an old-school vet, the kind of doctor who makes house calls. He may recommend Pepto Bismol, rice and chicken for a dog with an upset stomach over tests and surgeries. He offers his customers water and gatorade and his receipts and paperwork are all hand written. Some call him the best vet in town, Falls says he's just blessed to be doing what he loves.