MPW.64 / Troy The Miracle Child by Laurie Skrivan
Laurie Skrivan St. Louis, Missouri
Team Cliff

Story Summary

With extended family in town to celebrate the remission of cancer, Sandy Luber's phone rang. Her granddaughter, Sage Smith, 17, had been involved in a catastrophic auto accident and  airlifted to the hospital. Within days, doctors removed 25 percent of the unconscious girl's skull to protect her brain from swelling.

"The core functioning of brain that controls automated functions such as breathing was not working. On day six, I was told if nothing changes, you will have decisions to make," said Luber.

Now, after 30 days in an intensive care unit, doctors are expecting a full and -- in the view of her family -- a miraculous recovery. But there are still difficult days of recovery ahead.. Sandy is quick to shrug off her devotion to Sage. "I can't imagine anyone not taking care of someone you love."