MPW.64 / Troy The Brave One by Morgan Heim
Morgan Heim Boulder, Colorado
Team Cliff

Story Summary

Aiden Atterberry lives with a foot in two worlds – the world of us and the world of Aiden. He is seven years old. He loves sports and already knows where he wants to go to college. Aiden has also been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and bipolar disorder. His conditions aren’t stopping him from coping. With encouragement from his always vigilant mother, Shannon Borgmann, Aiden is working hard to live life just like any other kid. He plays football, is a star pupil and tries to hang out with others. The constant effort often takes its toll. He must find ways to cope with daily stress that might seem small to the rest of us, but are a swirling confusion to a boy like Aiden. A single car ride, noise from the washing machine or a missing football can set off an outburst. He is learning how to rein in his tantrums through sports, exposure to change and learning how to find space when the world gets overwhelming. With the support of his family, Aiden is finding peace when the noise becomes too great.