MPW.64 / Troy Senior Promenade by Tim Lamorte
Tim Lamorte New Rochelle, New York
Team Cliff

Story Summary

Bill Kerpash first noticed Judy Mozier in high school. He was a freshman and she as a senior with a “perpetual motion” to her walk that he jokes about. After high school, their lives went in different directions. He became a farmer and lifelong bachelor. She married Bob Hechler, the heir to Hechler Hardware, Troy’s oldest business. Bob passed away in 2003. Two years ago, Kerpash and Hechler began dating after he asked her, as a member of the historical society, to look at his arrowhead collection. Now the 74-year-old Hechler and the 71-year-old Kerpash spend time together every day, starting with breakfast.