MPW.64 / Troy Rolling On: Fueling a Family Business by Ashleigh Ide
Ashleigh Ide Brooklyn, New York
Team Lee

Story Summary

When Jan Knobbe retired he had a dream to open his own motorcycle shop. Eight years ago he, with his wife Reine and their son Jake, opened the doors of Chariots of Fire Custom Motorcycles in Moscow Mills, Missouri. "We knew this business would make or break us." Reine said, "Turns out, it's brought the whole family closer together." They've since outgrown their first shop and this week moved into a much-needed larger space in Troy. Their existing customers come and congratulate their success while brand new customers stroll in to see who just moved in. Meanwhile, Reine holds a job as a pediatric occupational therapist to help support the business. At the end of a long day working with special needs ├Čkiddos├« she returns to Chariots of Fire where Jan, Jake and the rest of the crew have been managing the shop all day. The Knobbes represent family in every sense of the word; they're loving, supportive, and work hard together. They share their lives with all who walk through the door of Chariots of Fire.