MPW.64 / Troy I Need a Thing-a-Ma-Jig… by Kristin Lebben
Kristin Lebben Victoria, Minnesota
Team Stryker

Story Summary

Located on Main Street in Troy, MO, Hechler Hardware provides the community with nuts, bolts and plenty of know-how. The Hechlers take pride in offering service that you can’t find anywhere else nowadays.

Started in 1896, the successful hardware store chugs along on their 4th generation of owners as it continues in its 3rd century of being in business. Hechler’s roll-call includes original owner, JJ Hechler, his son Ernie and Ernie’s son Bob. Now Bob’s wife Judy and sons Dan and Phil keep shop with their many employees.

The Hechler family continues to grow their business despite the ebb and flow of the economy, a changing marketplace and an evolving community.