MPW.64 / Troy Cowboy for Jesus by Allison Knight
Allison Knight St. Louis, Missouri
Team Strkyer

Story Summary

To Jim Brown, horses are like people. A kind word, a subtle gesture and patience are all that is needed to reach them. He was born and raised in the cowboy way of life, and has been a horse trainer and “whisperer” since the age of nine.

In the same way he guides horses to a tamer existence, he leads by example in his community. He believes in the lessons of the Bible and lives his daily life simply, with compassion and generosity towards others. “You have to think of others more than yourself.”

A big part of that life is Cowboy Worship, a congregation of horse people and ranchers who meet in an old barn to pray, share a hot meal and have good conversation. Theirs is a laid back and friendly gathering, which welcomes one and all of any denomination. “In the Cowboy Church you can come in your muddy boots.”

“It’s the flavor of what we’re doing. We’re into doing the gospel in a cowboy way,” Brown says. The approach has caught on. In the two years of its existence it has grown from an idea that Brown and friend Rusty Douglas had one day on a trail ride, to now include more than 80 people who attend weekly. Many more would like to attend if space were available, and look forward to the expansion of the barn in the near future.

As for Jim, “If I can rescue one person out of that life...that’s important to me.”

“Jesus said save one person.”