MPW.64 / Troy Christine’s Stable Family by Ann Sophie Lindström
Ann Sophie Lindström Berlin, Germany
Team Lee

Recipient of the Phoenix Award
Story Summary

Growing up on a farm, Christine Wright, 44, learned to ride a horse before she learned to ride a bicycle. Her father always wanted a son but instead he got Christine. She always had her father´s support. He told a girl could do the same things that a boy could do. Therefore the little girl emerged as a self-confident woman who never surrenders.

About 20 years ago Christine and her husband Steven opened the Wright Equestrian Center. Alltough it is a family business Christine is the one that does most of the work .

Her life is a dance. Early in the morning she starts a load of laundry and puts the roast beef in the crock pot so that everything will be ready by the time her children return from school.

Christine lives a cheerful life and she gets encouragement from her tight-knit family.

For her, the worst day in the barn still beats the best day in the office.