MPW.64 / 2012
Stan Olszewski / MPW.63

Each year MPW honors several of its participants with awards recognizing exceptional levels of work, determination and spirit throughout the workshop.

The Spirit of the Workshop Award is given annually to a photographer who not only creates an exceptional body of work throughout the week, but also one who totally embraces the philosophy of MPW, seeking to not only improve his/her own skills but to help fellow participants as well. This year's winner was Razan Alzayani.

The Howard Chapnick Award is given annually in honor of the legendary Black Star photo agency founder, long-time MPW faculty member, and author of Truth Needs No Ally. It recognizes a photographer who, with exceptional honesty and integrity, explores and documents an issue or story of great social concern. This year's winner was Barbara Doux.

The Biggest Leap is given annually to the photographer who made the greatest strides and biggest leap forward during the workshop. This year's winner was Dan Hemmelgarn and Stan Olszewski.

The Phoenix Award is given annually (when warranted) to a photographer who, despite severe adversity and through sheer determination, brings his/her story 'back from the ashes.' This year's winner was Ann Sophie Lindström.

The New Vision Award is a new award this year and is given only when warranted to a photographer who, with a unique and distinct vision, produces a story of exceptional insight. This year's winner was Louisa Marie Summer and Gabrielle Salazar .