MPW.64 / Troy Aiming for Public Office by Kristopher Connor
Kristopher Connor Washington D.C.
Team Vi

Story Summary

Her grandchildren call her a “pistol packin g-ma," said Beverly Steiniger of Troy. She has a concealed weapon permit and carries her .38 pistol on a regular basis.

Beverly is the underdog of a political race which represents grassroots politics at it’s core. She is running as the Republican candidate for 41st District state representative against incumbent Democrat Ed Shieffer, who seeking his fourth term. “I could not not allow our current rep, who is more loyal to the Democrat Party bosses than to the people of Lincoln County, to continue being in political office.” This is the first time that Steiniger is running for public office. She was the District 2 coordinator for State Senator Scott Rupp for the last three years. You drive by her house and you will see the tea party flag waving in the wind.

“This is the first time EVER in America that a generation will hand off our country to the next in worse shape than it was handed to us,” she says. She is running her campaign on a shoestring budget, where her challenger spent $70,000 in his last campaign.