MPW.64 / Troy A Farmer’s Legal Legacy by Showkat Nanda
Showkat Nanda Kashmir
Team Stryker

Story Summary

At 72, Thomas B. Burkemeper has made a name for himself as one of the best lawyers in Troy. But as his age catches up with him, his priorities are shifting. While he still spends his days at the law firm, evenings have become a precious reflective time. A sustained hearing loss in 2003 has made Burkemper look inward and become somewhat detached from the community. Still, his zest for life remains intact.

“I don’t breathe by football scores, but through my relationship with my children and good literature,” said Burkemper. His legal legacy continues as his children have taken up their father’s profession.

When he is not discussing legal cases in town, Burkemper goes home to spend time farming his fields and romancing his wife, which have become his most invigorating pursuits.