MPW.64 / Troy 77 Years of Beautiful Music by Oscar Durand
Oscar Durand Lima, Peru
Team Vi

Story Summary

Olive Haffner taught her first piano lesson when she was 19 and hasn’t stopped since. That was 77 years ago. “Teaching piano is my big love,” she says.

Every June Olive organizes a piano recital, which has been performed uninterrupted by three generations of students, the children of the children of her first students.

She loves to play classics, but her hands are not as agile as they were. She stopped driving two years ago and needs help from her son and friends to get around town. But that doesn’t matter. Olive teaches Monday through Thursday.

“When you get to my age you are ready. I am looking forward to it. It is going to be glorious. All my siblings are up there, my son, my folks. I am ready to go.”