MPW.71 / 2019

The 71st Missouri Photo Workshop participants, faculty, and crew gathered outside the workshop's headquarters for a group photo on Friday, September 27, 2019 in Boonville, Mo. The 2019 workshop included 39 photographers from 16 U.S. states and 4 foreign countries.

Boonville, River Town

Thirty-nine photographers from 16 states, four countries and the District of Columbia explored Boonville, Mo., a Missouri River town turned into a laboratory for improving research and visual story telling skills. The workshop has been here before; MPW.5 in 1953 and MPW.50 in 1998. What did they find?

- A YouTube family who lives somewhat off the grid, but really defines their lifestyle as they choose.

- A recently-widowed man who is coming to terms with his loss.

- A boy with his own super powers.

- And even a large animal vet who was not only photographed for a story in 1998, but opened his life up once again in 2019.

And more! Three workshops in the same town, separated by decades, provided a unique look into the world's largest archive of the changing canvas of small town America. This was evident in the final public show where hundreds of Boonville residents viewed the three sets of prints, taking away a deeper understanding of history and of themselves.

Team Lee
Faculty: Randy Olson & Lois Raimondo
Team Cliff & Vi
Faculty: Torsten Kjellstrand & Alyssa Schukar
Team Cox
Faculty: Dennis Dimick & Melissa Farlow
Team Chapnick
Faculty: MaryAnne Golon & Denny Simmons
Faculty Jim Curley, Co-Director Brian Kratzer, Co-Director David Rees, Co-Director Duane Dailey, Director Emeritus Dennis Dimick Melissa Farlow MaryAnne Golon Becky Lebowitz Hanger Torsten Kjellstrand Kim Komenich Randy Olson Alyssa Schukar Denny Simmons