MPW.64 / 2012

The 64th Missouri Photo Workshop participants, faculty, and crew gathered outside the workshop's headquarters (Troy's City Hall) for a group photo on Friday, September 28, 2012 in Troy, Mo. The workshop included 40 photographers from nine different countries.

Welcome to Troy, Mo.

Mayor Mark Cross and the city of Troy not only gave us the metaphorical key to the city, they also loaned us the key to the city council chambers and municipal court to use as our workshop headquarters for a week. Typical, many residents might say, since Troy is a community filled with volunteers and people willing to help others.

The stories produced by the 40 workshop photographers from around the world reflect this caring: a brain injured 17-year-old is taught daily routines by a loving grandmother, a horse lover with cerebral palsy has an army of supporters who help him to compete in riding competitions, and an extended family crowds together in a mobile home to support one another in a time of need.

While Troy's economy is driven by large industry, it is also fueled by small business: a family-run laundromat in its fifth decade and second generation helps to keep Troy clean, a veterinarian goes old-school and resides in the upstairs of his home with his family while using the basement for his practice, and a 96-year-old piano teacher, still offering lessons to Troy's youth, emparts a lifetime of music.

We thank the people of Troy for opening their homes and hearts to us--we learned a lot from seeing how you live.

Team Cliff
Faculty: Randy Olson & Kathy Moran
Team Lee
Faculty: Peggy Peattie & Rick Shaw
Team Stryker
Faculty: Kim Komenich & Lois Raimondo
Team Vi
Faculty: Yunghi Kim & Christopher Wilkins
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