• Kim Komenich / MPW.62
  • Kim Komenich
  • Assistant Professor (Journalism New Media), San Jose State University
  • The 62nd Missouri Photo Workshop | Macon, Mo.
  • Kim started MPW in 1992 as a student and returned the following year as a faculty member. He has only missed one workshop since then.

    He is currently an assistant professor at San Jose State University. He received the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Philippine revolution, the 1983 World Press award for news picture stories, and the 1987 SPJ national distinguished service award.

    One of his favorite aspects of the workshop is the camaraderie among the faculty. "You feel like you're starting up a conversation you left off a day ago. If you do this long enough, you end up spending a fraction of your life here," he said.

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